Vitinni Air Fryer Review

Vitinni Air Fryer Review
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Vitinni Air Fryer Review

Vitinni Air Fryer Review

In this Vitinni Air Fryer Review, we take a look at the air fryer and the accessories that come with the unit.  You can purchase the air fryer from Amazon with free postage.  

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Vitinni Extra Large 12L Air Fryer

  • Powerful 1600W and 12L capacity digital air fryer.
  • Touch screen control panel with 13 pre set programmes and 3 functions.
  • Temperature control between 50°C – 220°C and timer from 1-60 minutes.
  • 80% energy saving and 80% less oil!
  • 10-piece accessory set with rotisserie function and 360° rotation.

Available from Amazon 

Fast and Healthy Cooking

Vitinni Air Fryer Review

Healthier low-fat cooking is made fast and easy using the 12L Vitinni Digital Air Fryer. Compare this to a standard oven and the cooking times are significantly faster.  An uncomplicated, powerful performance.  This ingenious kitchen gadget will bring you a crisp, healthy cooking alternative against your average oven.

The sleek touchscreen panel is wipe clean for hygiene.  Choose from 16 different pre-set functions.   Includes 13 individual dishes.  You can also defrost, dehydrate and keep food warm.  Simply choose your pre-set item, put the food in and go!

Large 12 Ltr Capacity

An impressive 1600W of power and an enormous 12 litre capacity.  Advances in design, means this powerful air fryer now features the versatility of an oven.  The temperature can be set in 10°C increments from 50°C to 220°C.  Cooking time can be set in 1-minute increments up to 60 minutes.

The stainless-steel element of this powerful air fryer quickly heats up the contained air.  It distributes the hot air evenly across the food.  Browning food evenly on all sides. The uniqueness of this feature creates a healthy and low-calorie alternative to frying.  In most cases, no oil will be required, saving on calories. Use at breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks.  The 12L Digital Air Fryer will always give you and your family the healthier option.

The massive 12L capacity is spacious enough to hold a whole chicken (1.2kg).  Use the rotisserie function with 360° rotation to cook and baste the chicken.  A compact model that will only accommodate as much space in the kitchen as a generic convectional fryer.  The unit comes with a 10-piece accessory kit.  Look forward to having new opportunities to experiment with fresh and exciting recipes for the whole family.

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