Treat Mug Gifts

Treat Mug Gifts
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Treat Mug Gifts

Treat Mug Gifts, that look way more expensive than their £2.09 price tag! Give one of these amazing presents in a mug at Christmas, Birthday, any time of the year!  They’re so much fun to make.  Fill them with Chocolates, Sweeties, anything!  What about popping in a gift voucher for a local coffee shop, how nice would that be!  You can adapt this and swap the mug for a wine glass then fill with chocolates and a voucher for a SPA treatment.  You could even make one for your favourite pet, use a pet-food bowl and treats.  There are so many different ways you can use this simple concept. 

“A thoughtful, handmade present that looks amazing all wrapped-up in the dotty cellophane. These can be given any time of the year by changing the type of mug you use. Simple and quick to put together, a lovely way to say ‘Thank You’ to the special people in your life.”

Angela Bedford, Content Creator.

Treat Mug Gifts from Home Bargains

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Cheap items are also available online if you’re no close to a Home Bargains, Poundland or any other discount store.  It’s also handy if you’re short on time or is it’s difficult for you to physically get to the  shops due to mobility, health, transport, etc. Perhaps you’ve just got better things to do with your time, then this link may help.

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