Soya Milk Maker Review

Soyabella Milk Maker
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Soya Milk Maker Review

Soya Milk made at home in just 15 minutes. Watch the Soyabella Milk Maker review. Organic! Add sweeteners and flavours to your taste. This gadget is easy to operate. you’ll have creamy, organic, soya milk in just 15 minutes.

No watching over a hot pan trying to stop it from boiling over! Just fill the filter with soaked soya beans and pour in water.  Switch the Soyabella on, and leave.  A beep will sound once it’s complete.  You can just pour your creamy milk into a jug to cool.  I like to filter my milk through a muslin cloth for a dreamy smooth texture.  Add a little twist of salt, some maple syrup or any sweetener of your choice.  Vanilla Essence can also add another level of flavour to your milk.  Pour on your cereal or in your morning cuppa! Swap for dairy milk in recipes, just like-for-like quantities. 

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“Do you know what’s in your  milk? Take control back, and make your own with the Soyabella Milk Marker.  Have lovely, smooth milk in 15 minutes.  It’s a breeze, and far cheaper than shop bought.  Choose from Soya, Oat, nut or bean milks.”

Angela Bedford, Content Creator. 

This week I’ve been testing the Soyabella Milk Maker.  In this Soyabella Milk Maker Review I started with a basic soya milk, which was remarkably easy and quick.  I’ve made soya milk on the hob a few times, it was an incredibly messy and time consuming business.  The team were intrigued to know if this machine would live up to the hype.  Take a look at the video and see how it fared.

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