Shop With Me at Poundland May 2019

3D Glitter Letters Shop With Me at Poundland May 2019
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Shop With Me at Poundland May 2019

Shop With Me at Poundland May 2019, visit a small retail outlet. Come Shop With Me! Save money and see what bargains are on offer at Poundland this Summer!

Many of you said that the small Poundlands are ‘Rubbish’, so I visited a smaller outlet to see what I could find.  Did I manage to ‘bag-a-bargain’?  Take a look at the video and see what was install and discover what I finally bought.

Watch the YouTube video "Shop With Me at Poundland May 2019":

About Poundland

Established in 1990 offering a range of household and general supplies at the cost of One Pound.  Today, they have added extra value items at a slightly higher cost.  Many of the larger stores also offer clothing items under the PEP&Co brand name.

Find out more, visit their website Google – Poundland


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Craft and DIY
What can you expect to buy at your Poundland Shopping Haul?

You’ll find everyday household items in Poundland.  Everything from Car Accessories, to a wide range of handy DIY Supplies.  

Plenty of Craft Goodies to ensure you have all of the materials for your future crafting projects. Good quality Gift Cards and a lovely range of Gift Wrap too. A great selection of Books and DVDs are also on offer, along with Technology Consumables including iPhone/Smartphone Chargers, Tripods, Speakers and Covers, to name but a few!

Food and Drink are on offer, with Gluten Free and Low Calorie options being recently made available.  

Branded products are offered alongside new brands to try.  Shampoos, Conditioners , Body-Washes, Bubblebath, everything you could need to stay clean, fresh and revived! On offer is a mix of their own branded makeup, and also an amazing selection of Top Makeup Brands.  

Even your pets are catered for, with a range of Pet Supplies including Food, Flee Treatment, Collars, Toys, Treats and much more!  

Whether its your kids or the Grandchildren, there is a great selection of affordable Children’s Toys and Games to choose from.  After they’ve finished playing, you can also tidy with Poundlands Branded Cleaning and Washing products.

Craft and DIY
Makeup and Beauty
Garden and Plants
Craft Supplies!

There is a huge range of crafting supplies most costing just one pound!  I was so impressed!

There was everything from pretty patterned paper, handy double-sided tape runners, self-adhesive gems and pastel pearls, gorgeous glitter lace in striking colours, wax crayons, colouring pencils, greeting card blanks with matching envelopes, unfinished wooden lollipop sticks, fluffy pipe cleaners and so much more! 

3D Glitter Letters Shop With Me at Poundland May 2019

“Shop With Me at Poundland where everything's a Pound!....well except for a few slightly higher priced special bargains at £2 or £5, oh and SALE items....Oh yes! SALE items! Poundland even have SALES!”

Angela Bedford, Content Creator

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