Primark Shop With Me

Primark Shop With Me
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Primark Shop With Me

Join me and see what bargains I bagged on my latest Primark Shop With Me video! I wanted to buy everything in the Primark store! Bargains as far as the eye can see! Summer-wear, Hats, Bags, Jewellery, Home Decor… Don’t miss out!   We all love to ‘bag a bargain’!  They were stocking the most amazing summer-ware; swimwear, shorts, stunning straw hats!  You can add a bit of glamour  with their fantastic range of jewellery and accessories, including handbags and flip-flops!  They even had suitcases!   I loved looking around their Disney and Harry Potter ranges, all at very affordable prices.

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I just love a good sale at Primark!

This cute jumper, with sparkling metallic threads was just £1 in the Sale! Bargain!  The belt was only £3. It looks and feel just like leather, but luckily for the Vegans out there, it’s just faux leather. When you can save money on fashion, that means you can look good for less. The money you save can be spent on the things that really count, like family days out or a holiday. So join me on my ‘Primark Shop With Me’ spree and bargain Haul!

Primark Shop With Me
Neon Strip Jumper Primark
Shopping Spree Straw Hat Primark
Designer Look Handbag Primark

The Video; Primark Shop With Me 2019

“I wanted to buy everything in the store! Bargains as far as the eye can see! Summer-wear, Hats, Bags, Jewellery, Home Decor… Don’t miss out!”

Angela Bedford, Content Creator.


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Simple Hacks and Staging

This simple Hack ….. Watch the YouTube video for a brief overview on how to achieve this look.

Poundland Haul Vanity Hack
Luxury Vanity Stand Hack

Creating stunning looks with high-end materials such as Mercury etched Glass, Marble and crystal. This budget and incredibly simple Hack can be achieved with Poundland and charity items costing only 4 pounds.

Poundland Candlesticks Bud Vases
Staging Poundland Candlesticks

These Pink Poundland Candle Sticks cost just 25 pence each in the Sale. Using them as bud-vases has added versatility to these sunning pieces. This beautiful display has been created with faux flowers from the Range.

Ceramic Pen Holder; Poundland Haul
Re-purpose a Toothbrush Holder,

This wonderful blue toothbrush holder has a rich blue glaze over its chevron impressed exterior. Would you believe this was just 1 pound from Poundland? Use it as a pen pot, Vase, napkin holder, cutlery holder...the possibilities are endless!

More Information:

If you would like to discover more about this store, including where to find your local branch, just search Google for ‘Primark’ to be taken to the Official Site

Discover more about Home Bargains on YouTube

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Harry Potter Bag Primark Shop With Me

This site is being updated regularly, so pop back and checkout what’s new!  We’d love to hear what you have to say.  Leave a comment in the Comments Form below and tell us where you like to shop and what bargains you’ve found recently.

Primark Shop With Me
Primark Shop With Me

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