Poundland Shop February

Poundland Shop February
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Poundland Shop February 2019


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Poundland Shop February! Affordable luxury!

I loved my Poundland Shop February 2019 spree. It never ceases to amaze me what bargains can be found in budget stores such as Poundland. 

This stunning Ombré Vase was just £1.  It actually looks handmade.  This looks like a designer piece. 

It’s important to look thought the items on display, as some products seem to look a bit better than others, even the same items.  It’s also good to set yourself enough time to have a careful look on all of the shelves, as it very easy to miss something.

Amber Ombré Vase Poundland Shop February

The Perfect Surrounding achieved with our Poundland Shop February 2019 haul.

Poundland Haul Desk Calendar TrulyLiving.co.uk

I well presented Office Area is easy to achieve with a range of classic accessories from Poundland.

This month I’ve been creating an office space in a spare bedroom.  It’s cold and dark, so it’s important to keep things sleek, with plenty of storage.  I’ve picked-up a few items from Poundland that have really helped to keep the budget down.  Saving money in these accessories means I have more to spend on furniture, this has made all of the difference.

Poundland Shop February reveals Mother's Day or Birthday Gift Ideas

I can see that Poundland already have a large selection of goodies for Mother’s Day, or in fact, just to say thank you. 

I’ll be looking to make-up more gift baskets for the spring/summer celebration and events.  Poundland offer such a fantastic range of baskets and products with which to fill them.  You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Also, Easter is just around the corner and there are plenty of delicious treats to choose from. 

With lots of gifts and presents to buy, shopping at budget retailers like Poundland really can make your money go that bit further.

To see the Poundland Shop February, click on the handy link below. Put your feet up with a nice cuppa as I gently  show you around the store!

Rose Bath Crystals Poundland Shop February
You'll be impressed with the bargains we've found in our Poundland Shop February 2019.
"I've really enjoyed my visit to Poundland this month. I was so impressed with the range of luxury products alongside the everyday essentials."
Truly Living Hauls Hacks Staging
Angela Bedford
Content Creator
Simple Hacks and Staging

Watch my other videos on YouTube for more inspiration.

Poundland Haul Vanity Hack

Luxury Vanity Stand Hack

Creating stunning looks with high-end materials such as Mercury etched Glass, Marble and crystal. This budget and incredibly simple Hack can be achieved with Poundland and charity items costing only 4 pounds.

Poundland Candlesticks Bud Vases

Staging Poundland Candlesticks

These Pink Poundland Candle Sticks cost just 25 pence each in the Sale. Using them as bud-vases has added versatility to these sunning pieces. This beautiful display has been created with faux flowers from the Range.

Ceramic Pen Holder; Poundland Haul

Re-purpose a Toothbrush Holder,

This wonderful blue toothbrush holder has a rich blue glaze over its chevron impressed exterior. Would you believe this was just 1 pound from Poundland? Use it as a pen pot, Vase, napkin holder, cutlery holder...the possibilities are endless!

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