Poundland Haul December

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Poundland Haul December - Watch the Video!

Poundland Haul December

In this Poundland Haul December video, you’ll see some of my favourites.  You know how I love a luxury look on a shoestring!  I also swoon over household organisation ideas.  

Take a look at a small section of what Poundland is offering this season, and make sure you head for a store near you Christmas at Poundland.

Poundland Haul December T-shirt Organiser

Poundland Haul February 2020

 For the price, these T-Shirt Organisers are absolutely brilliant!  You, of course, can use these to stack your T-Shirts neatly, but they can also be used to organise other materials.  We successfully tried scarfs, particularly silky ones that are ridiculously slippery.  It was so easy to take a scarf from the middle of the pile without disturbing the rest.  Everything stayed neat and didn’t attract creases.  We also tried this organiser as a die storage solution.  Great for the paper crafters out there!

Available from Nifoco 

Home Organisation Ideas and Inspiration

It seems to be January, when we take down the Christmas decorations, our minds turn to a good spring clean, sort out and possibly redecoration.  As it is, my wardrobe is complete and utter carnage.  I can honestly say, I have no idea of what I have stashed in there.  It seems too overwhelming to dig into the piles and drag an article of clothing out.  Everything just tumbles out like a ‘Wardrobe Avalanche’!  After trialling the clothes organiser, I have to say I am impressed!  Amazon have more organisation solutions available.  Take advantage of their bulk-buy discounts and you can overhaul your entire space for less.

Available from Nifogo via Amazon

Home Organisation Ideas

What a cleaver contraption!  Get help to fold your clothing into exactly the same size.  Create perfectly neat stacks of clothing in your wardrobe.  You can fold your T-Shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, vest, blouses, basically any item of clothing that can fit into the device.  Create a neat and organised look.  I even use this for my bedding and towels, keeping my linen closet ascetically pleasing.

Available from Nifogo via Amazon

Drawer Organisers

I’ll be honest and say I struggle to open and close my drawers.  I have so much crammed in.  It’s like a Jack-in-the-box!  I’ve even trapped my hand in the drawer on more than a few occasions.  I definitely need an organisation solution to group items together and save me time searching for specific things.  

Available from Motogle via Amazon

As an essential accessory at home!  The hanging storage organiser is perfect for organising underwear, making it easily visible.  Being double sided, it makes great use of space. This hanging storage organiser has a wide range of applications.  Perfect for storing your bras, underwear, underpants, scarves, T-shirts, socks, pantyhose, hats, gloves, handkerchief, toys, and much more!  It is suitable to hang in the wardrobe, cupboard, door, or wall.

Available from Motogle via Amazon

Have you tried our simple DIY Card Tutorial?

Have you every wanted to make your own Christmas cards?  We have a simple video tutorial that is just so adorable, easy and quick to make.  This is a fun project you can make with your friends and children.  Click here to go to the project  Jumper Card Project  

Jumper Christmas​ Card Inspiration

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