Poundland Hack Storage Drawers

Poundland Hack Storage Drawers
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Poundland Hack Storage Drawers

This Poundland Hack Storage Drawers is a great project to start with.  It can be easily applied to most sets of similar Storage Drawers, even large ones.  You’re welcome to use any colour spray paint for this project, especially if you’re trying to match your decor.  The drawers themselves, can left as they are, or alternatively, painted or lined with fabric or paper.  They can be stacked to your desired height.  Separate drawer units  and create ‘building blocks’ to achieve the perfect configuration.  Such a flexible project!

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I did a lot of research to find a paint with great reviews and was affordable. The spray paints I would recommend are available from Amazon.  See the links below to the specific products used in this DIY project below, with exception of the Martha Stewart paint.  I used the Multi-Surface Satin finish which isn’t available in Poodle Skirt on Amazon.  But you can try other online craft stores if you really want this exact shade.  The Martha Stewart paint used here is a much higher quality than other acrylics I have previously used. Once cured (21 days) you can put the painted item outside or even wash it on the top rack of a dishwasher (if the item is dishwasher safe).


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I started with two sets of plastic drawers. You can use just one, or multiple sets of drawers depending on the height or configuration you want to achieve. Check that the tops/lids can be removed, as these will enable the drawers to the ‘stacked’ to create a taller set.  Always spray paint in a well-ventilated area, for instance outside.  Cover your working area, and ensure that any objects are removed from any potential  ‘cast off’ area.  That is, no objects are close enough to accidentally be covered by stray spray paint.  Ensure that you wear gloves if recommended by the manufacturer.  It’s also best to wear old clothes, apron or a similar cover-up to protect your garments.  Remove all of the draws and set to one side.

Poundland Hack Storage Drawers
How to Spray Paint, Undercoat:

Remove the drawers and take off the handles.   Set the drawers aside and place the handles on your workspace ready to be sprayed. Take the top/lid from one of the sets of drawers.  This set will be the base/bottom of your new draws.  Stack the other set on top, sliding the little plastic posts on the top of your base unit into the holes at the bottom of the top set of drawers.   You’ll hear a ‘click’ as you press them in. Spray paint the new tower of drawers with an undercoat.  Leave to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions, this is typically 20 minutes.  If the air is damp, leave a little longer.  I let mine sit for an hour, which was plenty of time.  

DIY Storage Drawers

Remove the handles from each drawer.  Just prise one end of each handle, and carefully remove.  Place on a protected surface and spray on each side with the spray undercoat.  Leave for 30 minutes (or as per the Manufacturer’s Instructions.  Then add the final top-coat. Finally, finish with two coats of gold spray paint.  

Poundland Hack Storage Drawers
Notice about Spray Painting:

You should always spray in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside.  Be careful on cold days, as the paint may require much longer to dry in between coats.  Also, on windy days you may find your spray paint strays and lands on neighbouring articles.  It is possible to skip the undercoat, but the final project might be less resilient, flake and chip.  So to achieve a more durable finish, it’s recommended to use an undercoat suitable for plastic surfaces.  See the links above to the actual spray paints I used for this project.

How to Spray Paint, Top coat:

Once you have a good undercoat you’re ready to add your top coat.  I have used two coats of gold spray paint.  The drawers have been left for 30 minutes in between coats.  It’s best to walk around the object your spraying and cast the spray paint in even waves, back and forth.  Once everything is dry, take a closer look to ensure all of the surfaces have an even coat.  You can just spot spray any areas you’ve missed.

Craft Storage Ideas

While the handles are drying, you can paint the inside of the drawers with acrylic paint in the colour of your choice.  You may choose to leave the draws as they are. It might also be nice to opt to line the drawers in paper or cut a piece of fabric, such as felt, to line the base of each draw.  Once everything is dry, reattach the handles, and insert the drawers back into the frame.

Craft Storage Ideas
Simple Craft Project:

There are lots of different sizes of plastic drawers on the market.  I have larger ones capable of holding reams of A4 paper.  It should be possible to stack these larger drawers in the same fashion.  You may wish to create a new configuration by separating the drawers into sets of 2 drawers and place the new units side-by-side.  The possibilities are endless.  Choose alternative colours of paint for your drawers or multicoloured linings.  Have fun with your creations!  

Don’t forget to share your work!  We’d love to see what you have created, pop over to our facebook page or any of the other social media platforms.  You’ll find the links at the very top of this page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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