Movie Night In Gift Basket

Trulyliving Movie Night In Gift Basket
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Movie Night In Gift Basket

Watch the Movie Night In Gift Basket tutorial for ideas on how you can adapt this gift to suit your ‘difficult to buy for’ friends and family.

OK, we all have someone, or some people in our lives that are tricky to buy for.  You know the type! Every year your heart sinks when you realise that it’s their Birthday coming-up, and you haven’t a clue what to buy them.  We all love a good Movie, right?OK…not everyone.  So just switch the DVDs with CDs , Games,  Magazines or Books, then we’ve got this covered! Come on you know I’m right!  So, chill, relax, we have this covered!

Watch the Movie Night In Gift Basket Tutorial Video

I’ve used a snack tray as the base for this Movie Night In Gift Basket.  It only cost one pound from ASDA.  We have wrapped all these goodies in  cellophane from Poundland, a 10 metre roll cost just one pound….bargain!

Watch the video for a full tutorial and inspiration on how you can switch this idea to suit your ‘difficult to buy for’ friends and family.  Anyone receiving a lovely gift tailored just for them will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful gift.

Trulyliving Movie Night In Gift Basket
Trulyliving Movie Night In Gift Basket
Wrapped Movie Night In Gift Basket
Movie Night Is 'All Wrapped Up!'

See the Movie Night In Gift Basket video

Simple Hacks and Staging

This simple Hack ….. Watch the YouTube video for a brief overview on how to achieve this look.

Poundland Haul Vanity Hack

Luxury Vanity Stand Hack

Creating stunning looks with high-end materials such as Mercury etched Glass, Marble and crystal. This budget and incredibly simple Hack can be achieved with Poundland and charity items costing only 4 pounds.

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Ceramic Pen Holder; Poundland Haul

Re-purpose a Toothbrush Holder,

This wonderful blue toothbrush holder has a rich blue glaze over its chevron impressed exterior. Would you believe this was just 1 pound from Poundland? Use it as a pen pot, Vase, napkin holder, cutlery holder...the possibilities are endless!

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