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Shopping Spree on a Budget! Bag a Bargain Haul!

Shopping Spree on a Budget! Save money on your next Shopping Haul. Create a Luxe Look, but with a bargain price tag. We’re talking Homeware, High-end and Every-Day Fashion, Gifts, Gadgets etc. Save Cash!

Come and see our budget Shopping Hauls with IKEA, Poundland, Home Bargains, B&M and a host of other popular retailers.  I search for Expensive Looking Homeware, Clothing, Stylish Accessories, Garden Furniture, Gifts and a Lot more. Why?…To Save You Money!….that’s much better spent on the nicer things in life such as Holidays, Spa Treatments, Days/Evenings Out and Prosecco! So, although our focus is mainly on budget retailers, we also love to ‘ Bag-a-Bargain ‘ at premium stores too such as Laura Ashley. So come and join us on our next Haul!

Shopping Spree / Haul at Primark; Stylish summer- summerware, bathing costumes and accessories.

With Summer fast approaching, come see what’s on sale at PRIMARK.  Don’t let the inexpensive price tags put you off.  PRIMARK have some amazing pieces that will keep you looking glamours all summer long.  For those who don’t like to tackle crowded shops, we’ve visited an out-of-town store with ample free parking and plenty of room to roam around at your leisure.

Home Bargains; The Perfect Surroundings with stunning homeware accessories, the ideal place for a bargain shopping spree!

Creating a beautiful haven within your home need not be expensive.  We recently visited Home Bargains stores to see what homeware items were on offer.  It turned out to be quite a shopping spree / haul! This stunning Blue Vase by Jeff Banks features diamond shaped exterior and sits on its own matt gold stand.  We were surprised by the £4.99 price tag.  Watch the haul to discover more. 

Poundland Shopping Haul; Working 9 to 5... Everything for the home-office

It’s 2019, and here at Truly Living, we’re busy setting up our new offices.  We’re working to a tight budget, so we’ve done a POUNDLAND SHOPPING SPREE/HAUL to see if we could save money of our office essentials.  We were surprised at the range and value of what was in store.  Watch the video and see what we bought when we went shopping at  POUNDLAND.

After your Shopping Spree, we'll show you come Simple Hacks and Staging Ideas

This simple Hack ….. Watch the YouTube video for a brief overview on how to achieve this look.

Poundland Haul Vanity Hack

Charity Shop Find - Luxury Vanity Stand Hack

Creating stunning looks with high-end materials such as Mercury etched Glass, Marble and crystal. This budget and incredibly simple Hack can be achieved with Poundland and charity items costing only 4 pounds.

Poundland Candlesticks Bud Vases

Post Shopping Spree - Staging Poundland Candlesticks

These Pink Poundland Candle Sticks cost just 25 pence each in the Sale. Using them as bud-vases has added versatility to these sunning pieces. This beautiful display has been created with faux flowers from the Range.

Ceramic Pen Holder; Poundland Haul

Re-purpose a Poundland Toothbrush Holder,

This wonderful blue toothbrush holder has a rich blue glaze over its chevron impressed exterior. Would you believe this was just 1 pound from Poundland? Use it as a pen pot, Vase, napkin holder, cutlery holder...the possibilities are endless!

For more information on where to go for your next bargain Shopping Spree:

Use google to search for your local Home Bargains, Poundland, B&M or any other discount stores in your area https://www.google.co.uk/

Home Bargains Shopping Spree
Poundland Shopping Spree