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DIYs Craft and Decor

We have lots of simple DIYs Craft and Decor ideas. Poundland Hacks, Home Bargains DIYs, inexpensive and stylish home furnishings from B&M. Learn how to furnish your home, achieve a Luxe looks on a bargain budget.

By visiting budget stores such as POUNDLAND, Home Bargains, B&M, The Range, TK Maxx and HomeSense, we are able to buy inexpensive homeware and decor items that we can Hack and DIY, turning our purchases into unique and statement home decor accessories. Included are some Simple Hacks and Staging throughout this site, offering a wonderful selection of very affordable Hacks and DIYs.  But don’t worry, because each project is easy to achieve, even a novice DIY’er can get involved! I hope you enjoy gaining inspiration from these Hacks and Staging ideas.  Your views are important, we’d love to hear from you, so if you have any suggestions please contact the team using the Comments form or via the Social Media links in the Right-hand Navigation Panel..  

Simple DIYs Craft and Decor Inspiration.

This Poundland Hack Storage Drawers is a great project to start with.  It can be easily applied to most sets of similar Storage Drawers, even large ones.  You’re welcome to use any colour spray paint for this project, especially if you’re trying to match your decor.  The drawers themselves, can left as they are, or alternatively, painted or lined with fabric or paper.  They can be stacked to your desired height.  Separate the drawer units to create ‘building blocks’ to achieve the perfect configuration.  Such a flexible project!

Craft Storage Ideas

Budget DIYs Craft and Decor Ideas at Poundland.

Come shop with me for some high-end looking bargains, and inspiration for home staging.  Visit POUNDLAND, Home Bargains, TK Maxx and more!  See just how far your budget can take you. Learn how our Hauls are put to dramatic use, making our homes more stylish at an inexpensive price tag.  Read on to find more Simple Hacks and Staging inspiration.

DIYs Craft and Decor
DIYs Craft and Decor
Poundland Haul Vanity Hack
Poundland Haul Vanity Hack

Simple, Quick and Easy DIYs and Decor Projects

Truly Living will help inspire you to create simple and visually stunning decorative elements for your home.  Quick and easy DIY projects that you will be proud to place on display in your stylish home!  All tutorials and projects are inexpensive, but look Luxe!

View our Vanity Hack /poundland-vanity-stand-hack/

Alternative Uses for Homewear Hacks DIYs and Staging

Exploring Alternative Applications, Truly Living will help you to think ‘Out-Of-The-Box’ and use your bargain items for a host of new and innovative purposes around your home. Helping you to achieve real mileage from every purchase.  Here, we’ve turned a pen pot into a vase, a one second hack!  So, shop your home and see what you can re-purpose! 

Ceramic Pen Holder; Poundland Haul
Ceramic Pen Holder; Poundland Haul

"A good home must be made, not bought."

Joyce Maynard

Use google to search for your local Home Bargains, Poundland, B&M or any other discount stores in your area https://www.google.co.uk/

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