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Here you’ll find all of the Contact and Information you’ll need to keep in touch with the team at  Truly Living. Be Happier and Healthier, including financially, well-being, nutritionally and emotionally. Hauls and Hacks can save money, as well as insight creativity to help to calm and relax your mind. We love to hear your ideas. Perhaps you want to try any of our projects and have questions. The teams are here to help you. You can contact us on any of the social media platforms. It’s good to share inspiration and support each other. This website is a place that brings like-minded people together to discuss our everyday lives and make plans for a brighter future.


Subscribe to our Truly Living Channel on YouTube and never miss a video. Our informative videos help you to live a Healthier, Happier lifestyle on a budget. Contact us in the Comments Section Below each video.


@angelasbargainhome for Shopping/Hauls/DIYS/Best Finds and @trulyliving for General Health and Lifestyle. You can also use 'Messenger' to contact me.


@angelasbargainhome for Shopping/Hauls/DIYS and @trulyliving.co.uk for General Health and Lifestyle. View the latest top buys, shopping tips and staging inspiration. Share your ideas with us and let us know what you're doing.


I welcome PR, Sponsorship and Media enquires that are suited to my content. Please email me at angelabedford@trulyliving.co.uk.


@angelabedfordTL View our images and other inspirational pictures. Tutorials and articles to get you motivated. Join in and add your comments or request information.


@TrulyLiving3 I'm active on Twitter, sharing what I'm up to on a daily bases and when I'm posting a new video. Follow me to keep up-to-date and stop for a chat! x

So what do you need the Contact and Information details for anyway?

Truly Living we care about getting the most out of life.  It’s important you live a healthy life. We support healthy Nutrition, Positive Attitude and Well-Being. Most importantly, we assist you in taking back ownership of your happiness and well-being. We encourage you to build an environment that helps you to relax and enjoy life without breaking the bank.

Contact us for more information via our Social Media links. We’d especially love to hear what you have to say, as well as hear about what’s happening in your life.  It is good to share and support each other. 

So, join in the conversation today! People just like you operate this site. We understand and care about what is happening in your life. Discovering what interests you, helps us to create a website that is constructive and helpful, as well as fun and inspirational to visit. Be part of the creativity and share your experiences and ideas with others. Take care and have a great day!

Truly Living contact and information

Our POUNDLAND Vanity Mirror Hack is a very quick and simple, DIY Project.  It’s a great gift for someone who needs spoiling.  It’s nice to show loved ones you care. Therefore we have a selection of easy and affordable projects you can create in a short time.  So, whether it’s Mother’s Day, Birthday or a Special Occasion, it’s a perfect gift because it shows you’ve been thinking of them./poundland-vanity-mirror-hack/


Amazon Advert contains an Affiliate  Link, by purchasing through this link Truly Living may earn a small commission. However, you pay the same price, and your buying experience does not change. 

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