DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch

DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch
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DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch

DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch

Our stunning DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch is such a quick and easy project.  Make them in a verity of sizes from an oversized slouchy clutch, to a mini earring case.  We have use faux leather in a gorgeous textured red, and a dazzling gold version.  The project lends itself to the use of different fabrics such as denim, oil cloth, or felt.  Use a button, magnet closure, Velcro or a faux suede thong to secure the fastening. 

Make an envelope template or use an existing envelope

In this demonstration, we use the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board to create a template.  This tool is so handy, as you can make a great variety of envelope sizes, depending on your project requirements.  The board can also make box envelopes, crackers, jar motifs, boxes and lots more.  Use 12″ x 12″ paper, and cut this down to 11 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ to form the base for your template.  Old wallpaper is also a great option.  It can also be a cleaver way to use up left over wrapping paper, maps, books, or paper packaging.  Recycling materials rather than just throwing them away is much kinder to the environment! 

Available from Amazon 

Alternatively, use an existing envelope as a template.  Simply steam open the glued flaps and lay the envelope flat.  You can find a variety of options on how to open an envelope here WikiHow

DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch

Pick your Fabric and cut out your template

There are lots of stunning fabrics available.  We chose a gorgeous pop of red in this faux leather material, with an authentic  leather texture. For more dressy occasions, try some stunning gold faux leather fabric.  Ideally, pick fabric that is stiff, you can apply an iron-on stiffener/interfacing to help with this.  If your fabric has a tendency to fray, you can carefully apply a little clear nail polish, Prym Fray Check or sew on some bias binding.  

Take your envelope template, lay it on the reverse of your fabric and trace around in pen.  With a sharp pair of scissors, cut along the pen lines on your fabric to make an open envelope shape.

We found great selection of fabrics on Amazon, just perfect for this project!

Black Quilted Leather Diamond Stitch Padded Cushion Linen.

A very Channel inspired fabric! Black Quilted Leather Diamond Stitch Padded Cushion Linen Wadding Faux Leather. Create a luxe-look.  AA great, stable fabric to sew with.  A walking foot or Teflon Non-Stick Snap-On Foot on your sewing machine, will help the faux leather fabric slide through the sewing machine so easily.  Available from Amazon.

Gold leathercloth material.

Stunning and luxurious gold leathercloth material. Easy to cut into and sew or glue.  The finished project will be simple to wipe clean.  The cloth is durable, so you will get years of good use from your makes.  As the faux leather fabric material is good quality, your projects will be elevated to designer status. Available from Amazon.

Black Glitter Infused PVC.

Sometimes buying a tablecloth, curtains, or ben linen can workout less expensive than buying fabric by the meter/yard. We found this stunning plain black PVC infused with glitter.  As the glitter is incapsulated, it won’t shed.  Meaning the glitter does not fall off the fabric, so retaining its original dazzle!  PVC is a joy to work with and cut into.  Plus, easy to wipe clean. Available from Amazon.

Glitter Felt Collection.

Have you ever seen felt as gorgeous?  We found this amazing selection pack of felt on Amazon.  Useful for such a wide verity of projects, from mini-Christmas stocking, earphone cases, bows for children’s hair  clips.  You will not waste a CM of this material! Available from Amazon.

DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch

Glue your envelope together

Glue the flaps down with UHU glue.  This glue does not set fast, so you have a little ‘wiggle’ time.  It can be helpful to pop a piece of scrap paper or card into the envelope to catch any glue that may ooze out on the inside.  This will prevent you for sticking the envelope together.  Wipe any excess glue away with a rag before it dries.  Depending on your choice of fabric, other glues may suffice.  You can even hand stitch the envelope together.  Adding contrasting thread or floss will add extra detail.  Make sure you leave the glue to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Always protect any work surfaces, as the glue may affect the finish on furniture. 

Add a closure to secure

Sew on a button and make your button hole with a sewing machine.  I use a Brother sewing machine similar to this, with an automatic buttonhole feature.

Alternatively, use a length of faux-suede thong, Velcro, magnetic closure or toggles.  These do not require any sewing skills.  Toggle closures are attached by cutting a hole in the material and fixing the toggle on either side, then pressing together to secure.  They look so effective, yet are incredibly easy to attach.  If you are using the envelope to store any electronic goods, you should consider avoiding magnets, as they might have detrimental affect on the gadget. 

DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch

If you are happy with this DIY No-Sew Faux Leather Envelope Clutch. Why not try this simple 5 minute DIY Christmas/ Birthday Card!

What about making your own Christmas cards this year.  We have a simple video tutorial that is just so adorable, easy and quick to make.  This is a fun project you can make with your friends and children.  Click here to go to the project  Jumper Card Project  

Jumper Christmas​ Card Inspiration

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