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Commercial and PR

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We welcome Commercial and PR Enquiries, Sponsorship Offers, Affiliate Schemes, Partnerships and Promotions. 

Thank you so much for your interest in our brand Truly Living.  For Business Enquiries, please email your initial request to or complete the form below.   We shall be happy to contact you back to discuss any ideas, concepts or arrangements you have.

Have you seen us on our Social Media sites?  You’ll find us on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter.  Just click on any of the icon links at the top of the page. 

We look forward to working with you! x

    Checkout the Truly Living YouTube Channel:

    At Truly Living we love to share our popular videos on YouTube covering a range of topics. You’ll find inspiration for your next Shopping Haul. Discover creative ways to DIY / Hack your products to create individual pieces you’ll be proud to display or give as gifts. Find out how to save on your Home Staging. We also feature Simple and Healthy Gluten Free/Vegan Recipes and put Kitchen Gadgets through their paces!  It’s not just videos, we also share pictures to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  So, follow us on your favourite Social Media Platforms today!

    See the Commercial and PR Potential, watch Our Latest Video:​

    You'll love our our Hacks, Hauls and Recipes:

    At Truly Living the content is lead by our Viewers, because the are the most important factor.  We appreciate it’s important to listen to our Viewers and create content that interests them. See our recent Haul Video which has been popular on YouTube /poundland-haul-and-shop-with-me-may-2019/ Our viewers suggested that Truly Living visit a small Poundland outlet to see what was on offer.  This video was filmed on the day and edited to include pictures and review of the haul.

    What’s more, we aim to respond to comments as soon as possible, at least within 24 hours.  For instance, if a comment is made at 08:00 am, we aim to respond the same day.  However, comments made after 10:00 pm we will respond early the next morning.  Additionally, our feedback is personal.  It’s not right to just use ‘stock’ answers.  People who take the time to comment deserve a full and applicable reply. 

    What about making your own Christmas cards this year.  We have a simple video tutorial that is just so adorable, easy and quick to make.  This is a fun project you can make with your friends and children.  Click here to go to the project  Jumper Card Project  

    Jumper Christmas​ Card Inspiration

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