Christmas Tree Picture Frame

DIY Christmas Tree Picture Frame
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DIY Christmas Tree Picture Frame

DIY Christmas Tree Picture Frame

This super fast DIY Christmas Tree Picture Frame will only take a few minutes to make, but looks stunning!  It will make a lovely gift for your friends and family.  They are really inexpensive to create.  You will need a printer that will print edge-to-edge.  Alternatively, just use a smaller frame to accommodate the size of your printout.  Try making mini frames for a trilogy of picture frames.  You can use different icons in each, such as a bauble or snowflake.

Take a look at a small section of what Poundland is offering this season, and make sure you head for a store near you Christmas at Poundland.

DIY Christmas Tree Picture Frame

DIY Christmas Tree Picture Frame

You can use any word processor or graphics programme to create this.  Linux, Microsoft have them or free, alternatively, use a program such as Canva, PS Express or Lightroom on your smartphone. I used an old program on my Windows laptop called CraftArtist.  They offer a free ‘lite’ version to download, just use your search engine.  I have use a chalkboard background, but you can just download/copy a suitable image instead.  Unfortunately, I can’t PDF the picture and circulate due to copyright rules, but I can give you the full details on the fonts used here. If you don’t already have them installed on your computer, you can either use a similar font or seiche the internet and download them. Please reference these instructions

I have successfully downloaded a selection of chalkboard fonts and icons for this project from the website below.  Kimberly has a great selection of fun and creative calligraphy available for free when used for personal use.  The Licensing policy is also available on her website

DIY Christmas Tree Picture Frame - Fonts

DIY Christmas Tree Picture Frame

Font for each element is listed below:

Have  AliceFrancesHmk

Yourself  Candy Square BTN Striped

a  HastyHMK

Merry  KG Tangled Up In You

Frame around ‘Merry’  KG Flavor And Frames Six

Little  Bernhard Modern

Christmas  PamHMK

I chose to print edge-to-edge and use an A4 picture frame.  If the printer you are using does not have this facility,  just buy a smaller procure frame.  Poundland have a great choice of affordable options.  The picture can be easily removed and stored until next Christmas, and the frame can be reused.  

You can do your bit for the environment by using biodegradable stars and glitter.  Check out these great ‘free’ options below!  Click on each image to go to Amazon for more information and prices.

Biodegradable Embellishments (click on image for more info)

Try this simple DIY Christmas Card Project next!

What about making your own Christmas cards this year.  We have a simple video tutorial that is just so adorable, easy and quick to make.  This is a fun project you can make with your friends and children.  Click here to go to the project  Jumper Card Project  

Jumper Christmas​ Card Inspiration

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